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<![CDATA[Through the Inferno JTF501 Style]]>Thu, 14 Oct 2021 18:25:35 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/through-the-inferno-jtf501-style
Thanks to 75th FS Operations Officer "Boomer", we now have SERVER 2 up and running without a password so that anyone can come join and have fun with JTF501.  This will also help in cases of recruitment and doing checkrides.
<![CDATA[Busy Busy Joint Task Force]]>Mon, 20 Sep 2021 13:33:07 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/busy-busy-joint-task-forceIt's been a busy few weeks as the Squadron's have been accomplishing mission after mission.  Here's a glimpse of Operation Guardian, a mission built around Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) which incorporated multiple aircraft platforms and mission roles.  The A-10's, F-16's, F/A-18's, MI-24's, and UH-1's all working together providing SEAD, DEAD, ESCORT, STRIKE, CAP, and CSAR made for a very complex but satisfying mission.  All while dealing with low ceilings and rain to boot.
<![CDATA[Mirror Mirror on the wall...]]>Wed, 14 Jul 2021 13:57:22 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/mirror-mirror-on-the-wallOperation Mirror Mirror Part 2 went extremely well.  All flights thoroughly enjoyed their tasking...more pictures to come to show the result of our might...in the meantime here are some screens from our team in action:
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93d Fighter Squadron "Makos", VMFA-181 "Tridents", and our 75th Fighter Squadron "Tiger Sharks" are all currently recruiting.  Don't be shy, we take all shapes and forms of experience.  See our "APPLY" area.
<![CDATA[NEWSLETTER]]>Wed, 10 Feb 2021 18:33:12 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/newsletter]]><![CDATA[Exciting!]]>Tue, 05 Jan 2021 16:15:44 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/excitingLot's of stuff going on in JTF501!

This week especially we will be super busy!  

TUESDAY and THURSDAY Training.  
This Tuesday and Thursday (1/5/21 and 1/7/21) we will be stepping through and preparing for a Saturday Mission (1/9/21).

MAKO's and TRIDENT's will be brushing up on SEAD missions.  Working with AGM-88C's, AGM-65's, and JDAMs (Trident).
Meanwhile, Shark will be polishing up on their DEAD mission roles, identifying proper launcher and AAA targets and eliminating them.

Lots of fun to be had!

Operation Eagles Nest with our sister unit, virtual Carrier Strike Group Three, will be a Joint Operation to attack Shiraz.



Here we can not only work on our stick and rudder skills, but also have a blast!  Don't be shy!
<![CDATA[New Year, New Changes!]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2020 15:28:22 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/new-year-new-changes

JTF501 is very excited for 2021! 

Recent changes have the entire JTF electric with excitement.
Now that our first campaign is completed,  experience under our wings are only launching us into 2021 with eyes and minds wide open.

Quick Summary of new changes:

          * Wing Executive Officer Promotion: LTC Ryan "Gixxer" McCurry
       * Mission Flights will now be planned by Squadron CO/XO/Flight Leads using Combat Flite (see more at CombatFlite.com we are featured in the Community section)
      * Introduction of a Secondary Airframe system for those who like the challenge of learning more than just one Aircraft and it's systems.

In other fun news, 75th FS Staff are preparing a series of Close Air Support Training to include working with a JTAC/FAC-A, 9-Line, and working through realistic situations to polish the A-10 drivers in their skill set, and introduce these skills to our other Airframe Pilots.

Interested?  Apply and Join Today!

<![CDATA[A Deeper Dive Into the World of the Tiger Sharks]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2020 15:46:46 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/a-deeper-dive-into-the-world-of-the-tiger-sharks

With the ranks of the 75FS swelling up, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the officers that ensure smooth, efficient, and tactical training to the members as well as ensure a good time for all.

Lt. Col Justin "Servos" Hogue    Commanding Officer of the 75th FS

DCS Background
Playing DCS since 2014, Former commander of the 75th for the 23rd flying the A-10c, Former F-18 driver and OPSO for CSG-3, Founder of the 75th operation as part of JTF501.

Professional photographer shooting whitewater, skiing and rock climbing and winter time ski instructor.

​Favorite things to do when not playing DCS
​Kayaking, skiing, rock climbing and training my Dog new tricks.

Maj. Ryan "Tex" Gann     Executive Officer of the 75th FS

DCS Background
Been playing DCS since the dawn of time. I have always flown the single player missions and was not sure if I would enjoy Multi-player so I gave it a try and joined the 75th in March of 2020, I haven't looked back. I am presently the XO of the 75th. I am so proud of the group that we have, we make a great team and would love to make it bigger.

I’m a Audio engineer (the sound guy). I run sound for corporate companies and for concerts. I also do technical directing when needed.

​Favorite things to do when not playing DCS

Chill with the family.

Maj. Sam "Sarge" Confer     Operations Officer of the 75th FS

DCS Background
Played DCS since Jan 2020. 
Member of JTF501 since Mar 2020
OPSO of 75th since Aug 2020

A10C crew chief for Indiana Air National Guard. 

Favorite things to do when not playing DCS
Play xbox, soccer, spend time with family, hunting, fishing, golf
<![CDATA[Training Spool Up]]>Mon, 21 Sep 2020 14:13:56 GMThttp://jtf501.com/news/training-spool-up
901 Conducting Training with 49th FTS Candidates
As we continue to receive new JTF Candidates, our Training begins to go into afterburner.  With the anticipation of AGM-65, and AGM-88 procedures coming this week, not to mention the new A-10C(2) pending release this week as well, the entire JTF is a buzz with excitement and anticipation.